State of Tutor

Official Flag of Tutor



Demonym Tutoran
Capital City San Cristobal
Largest City Munamanda
Region East
Area Ranked 1st

in Schalafania

- Total sq mi
Population Ranked 1st
in Schalafania
- Total 36,952,701
(2010 est.)
- Density /sq mi (/km2)
Figure of State Rita Garrison
Time zone GMT -1.5
Abbreviations TU

Tutor is a state in the Eastern region of Schalafania. The state is famous for its large hispanic population and scorching summer temperatures. Tutor is bordered by Costru to the north, Aislam to the south and Uttingham to the west. Tutor is home to the capital city of Schalafania Munamanda.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Tutor covers almost the entirety of the east coast of Schalafania making it hot, the majority of the state is under the 'weather line'. Being so vast, the climate varies greatly within the state, in the most populated areas Tutor is usually very hot with moderate rainfall throughout the year, snow is a rare occurence and is only frequent in the north of the state around Christmas.


Tutor is considered to have been occupied solely by Spain and England during the time of Schalafania's domestication. The impact of both nations colonisation is evident in Tutor today. The official flag bares the English flag in the top right corner and 35% of today's population are of Spanish descent meaning Spanish is widely spoken throughout the state.


Tutor like the most of Schalafania is a multicutural society. 86% of the Tutoran population are of European descent.

Demographics of Stura
Race Population Percentage
White 21,802,094 59.0%
Black 1,847,635 5.0%
Asian 73,905 0.2%
Hispanic 12,933,445 35.0%
Dual Heritage 258,669 0.7%
Other 36,953 0.1%
TOTAL 36,952,701 100.0%
All information is correct as of the 2008
national census.

Tutorans also have a wide variety of religions, 54% list themselves as Protestant, the next most popular religion is Roman Catholicism with 18%. 15% claim to have no religion at all.

Most Populous SettlementsEdit

Rank Settlement Population Rank Settlement Population
1 Munamanda 9,633,714 6 Gemelos 376,437
2 San Cristobal 5,965,439 7 La Armonia 319,120
3 Coretta Islands 2,126,239 8 Timberdale 303,453
4 San Pedros 734,057 9 Cangre 299,432
5 Danza 597,239 10 Davenport 288,459


Tutor is largely a liberal state, meaning its main political representatives in recent years have been from the Para El Pueblo party. In the 2010 elections P.E.P. garnered 83% of all Tutoran seats.

The Assembly representatives EditEdit

In Tutor, two politicians, the figure of state and leader of the Republican party are represented in The Assembly. Schalafania's equivalent of a 'G8 Summit'. The Assembly was established in 2009, meaning all members are inagural, the original parliamentary system is now defunct.

Name Party From To
Rita Garrison P.E.P. April 25, 2010 Present
Jacob Bowen Republican April 25, 2010 Present

BLP Court representatives EditEdit

The BLP Court is a wider political discussion, it features the most popular politicians by population density. It holds 33 members, four are Sturan politicians.

Name Party From To
Lisa Adabie N.P.S. April 25, 2010 Present
Rita Garrison P.E.P. April 25, 2010 Present
Jacob Bowen Republican April 25, 2010 Present
Kenneth Hill Republican April 25, 2010 Present