State of Stura

The Official Flag of Stura



Demonym Sturan
Capital & largest


Region South
Area Ranked xth
in Schalafania
- Total sq mi
Population Ranked 4th
in Schalafania
- Total 8,475,150

(2012 census)

- Density /sq mi (/km2)
Figure of State Arnold Marez
Time zone GMT -2
Abbreviations ST

Stura is a state in the Southern region of Schalafania. The state is famous for its industrial settlements and lack of natural beauty. Stura is bordered by Aislam to the west, Terra and Uttingham to the north and Apagon to the east.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Being in the south of the country, Stura remains one of the hotter states of the nation. However, it's weather patterns vary significantly throughout the year, the state on average experiences between 150-200 days of rain per annum. The state is home to numerous big cities including Legende, Bittham and Herzchester.


Stura was the only area of Schalafania to be captured by France when the nation was first colonised in the 14th century. Evidence of the French reign is around today with most of the settlements of Stura deriving from German or French representing the large proportion of troops from the Rhineland.


Stura like the most of Schalafania is a multicutural society. 34% of the Sturan population have French or German descent. Stura has less of a hispanic population in comparison to it's neighbouring states Aislam and Apagon.

Demographics of Stura
Race Population Percentage
White 13,126,512 97.0%
Black 108,260 0.8%
Asian 81,195 0.6%
Hispanic 94,727 0.7%
Dual Heritage 67,662 0.5%
Other 54,131 0.2%
TOTAL 13,532,487 100.0%
All information is correct as of the 2008
national census.

Sturans also have a wide variety of religions, 69% list themselves as Christian, the next most popular religion is Islam with 6%. 13% claim to have no religion at all.

Most Populous SettlementsEdit


Stura is largely a Nationalist state, meaning its main political representatives in the past 20 years have been from the NPS. For the last 26 elections the NPS have held all Legende and Herzchester seats. Bittham, Hackir and the rest of the political constituencies have all been under NPS for at least 11 elections.

The Assembly representativesEdit

In Stura, only one politician, the figure of state is represented in The Assembly. Schalafania's equivalent of a 'G8 Summit'. The Assembly was established in 2009, meaning all members are inagural, the original parliamentary system is now defunct.

Name Party From To
Arnold Marez N.P.S. April 25, 2010 Present

BLP Court representativesEdit

The BLP Court is a wider political discussion, it features the most popular politicians by population density. It holds 33 members, 2 are Sturan politicians.

Name Party From To
Arnold Marez N.P.S. April 25, 2010 Present
April Rodriguez P.E.P. April 25, 2010 Present