Republic of Schalafania
Motto Freedom is necessary, oppression is not
Capital & Largest City Munamanda,
Gregoria (former)
Largest State Tutor
Official Language English (national) , Spanish (territorial), Schalafanian (dormant)
Demonym Schalafanian
Government Parliamentary republic
Monarch HRH Cherie Lara
Prime Minister Madeleine Parris
Founded March 29, 1799
Population(2010 Est.) 212,328,606

The Republic of Schalafania is a large island situated between France and the United States of America.
The country was formed at the basis of French, British and Spanish invaders in the late 18th Century. The original inhabitants were Gregorians.


Schalafania was originally exclusively inhabited in Gregoria, a basic wooded area in the mid-east of the country, in the late 18th Century, large proportions of the Gregorians were wiped out by the invading British and French armies, in 1763, The British had assumed full control of the nation establishing Gregoria as the nation's capital with Munamanda become ever the more prosperous in the south. In 1777, The French invaded and successfully battled the British out of Gregoria and away from Schalafania until they were ambushed by Spanish forces leaving Schalafania under their control until 1799 when the remaining Gregorians won independence. Schalafania refused to have a part in World War 1 despite pressures from the United Kingdom and France. == Government== The government of Schalafania is a 44 person parliamental system in which the public vote for their representatives every four years usually from the four major parties (Republican, Liberal Democrats, P.E.P., NPS) the seats are allocated through proportional representation of the vote, the current Prime Minister is Madeleine Parris, she is the leader of the Republican party and the second woman to be in office.

Political DivisionsEdit

Schalafania is seperated into eleven states or provinces including Aislam, Allau, Apagon, Costru, Fosse, Pela Neve, Stura, Terra, Tutor, Uttingham and Valhalla. There is criticism from some that Gregoria should be it's own state but it is considered too small and remains a part of Uttingham.


SportThe national sport of Schalafania is football. The football assosciation of Schalafanian runs six professional leagues (The Premier division, Divisions 1, 2 and 3 and the two Thunder Leagues). San Cristobal and Munamanda Utd have won the premier league on the most occasions since it's formation in 1952, with 13 times each.

TV/FilmSchalafania lacks a strong film industry and releases on average 14 films each year, but holds a strong place in the TV market, it's main channels are WTV, SBC, FOX and Sky1. In 2009, it was revealed Big Brother is the most popular show on Schalafanian screens, it regular draws over 20 million viewers.

MusicThe Schalafanian music industry is quite strong and has several established stars, a chart has been run since 2007, it's called the Smash Hit 40.

Demographics and populationEdit

The demographics of Schalafania are mostly White and Hispanic, large proportions of inhabitants have emigrated from the near by nations of the United Kingdom, The United States of America, France and Spain

Race/Ethnicity (2009)
White 78%
Black Schalafanian 7%
Asian 3%
Hispanic 11%
Dual Heritage 3%
Other >1%
Rank City State Population Rank City State Pop.
1 Munamanda Tutor 9,633,714 11 Holsk Terra 1,553,639
2 San Cristobal Tutor 5,965,439 12 Stephen Valhalla 1,357,253
3 San Andreas Apagon 2,849,876 13 Stilwater Pela Neve 1,206,777
4 Brillo Pela Neve 2,760,946 14 Echelle Apagon 1,141,104
5 Las Angeles Aislam 2,340,782 15 Willick Aislam 1,117,459
6 Coretta Islands Tutor 2,126,239 16 North Imperia Stura 847,386
7 Subal Costru 1,788,314 17 Meowth Fosse 829,660
8 Legende Stura 1,767,083 18 Buscar Aislam 776,113
9 St. Michael Allau 1,736,684 19 Chevre Apagon 736,717
10 Le Chats Noirs Fosse 1,641,389 20 San Pedros Tutor 734,057
2009 Census