City of San Cristobal
City & Unitary Authority
San Cristobal skyline

Motto: Semper Eadem

Location within Tutor and Schalafania
Sovereign state Schalafania
Region East
State Tutor
Ceremonial County Greater San Cristobal
Admin HQ Modern Tower, Rosecaster
Founded 1640
City Status 1870
Current MP Pedro Marceles
• City & Unitary authority 209.9 sq mi (543.6 km2)
Population (2011 est.)
• City & Unitary authority 3,662,160 (Ranked 2nd)
• Urban 7,115,252
• Metro 9,369,160
Time zone UTC -2
•Summer UTC -1
Postcode SC
Nicknames The Second city, Little Spain
Distance to Munamanda 26.0 mi (41.8 km)
Demonym Cristobalan

San Cristobal (San Kriss-tuh-bel) is the capital city and unitary authority of the state of Tutor. The city is the second most populous in Schalafania behind Munamanda. Estimates from 2011 show that San Cristobal has a population of over three and a half million inhabitants, with it's metropolitan area reaching just under ten million.


San Cristobal was first settled in 1640 by the Spanish invaders of Schalafania. The old town primarily served as a base camp for the Spanish during the War of the East against the British and the native Gregorians. This is where the city gets it's nickname 'Little Spain' as well as it's rivalry with neighbouring Munamanda. The Spanish culture is still prelavent in the city today.

The city was named after Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travellers due to the fact that the Spanish forces faced a turbulent journey to reach the town when they first landed on Schalafanian shores.

Today, San Cristobal is the second-largest economy in the country as well as the capital of Schalfania's most populous state, Tutor. The city was voted to be the capital by the other major towns of the state as opposed to Munamanda. The city is a tourist hotspot famed for its rich culture and architecture.


The city is located in the East of Schalafania and is located just 26 miles south of Munamanda. The city is part of the ceremonial county of Greater San Cristobal which makes up a part of the state of Tutor and is located just 37 miles from the coastline.

San Cristobal has five primary administrative regions including; Pacto, Patbury, Rosecaster, Whitborne Borough and the city centre itself.

The climate of San Cristobal is typically warm in the winter with scorching hot summers.


The current population of San Cristobal is estimated at 3,662,160 making it the second-largest in Schalafania. The city's population is 60% white, 9% black, 25% hispanic, 5% asian and 1% of other ancestry.

Christianity is the most common religion at 40.9% with Atheism second with 29.9%

English and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the country with 3.4 million and 1.5 million speakers respectively

Population changeEdit

Population growth in San Cristobal since 1901
Year 1901 1921 1931 1951 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
Population 290,162 308,261 500,165 550,161 911,162 1,700,420 2,661,866 3,000,515 3,662,160


San Cristobal is home to four professional and semi-professional football clubs; Real Pacto, Rosecaster, San Cristobal and Whitborne Borough. Real Pacto currently play in the Thunder League. Both Rosecaster and Whitborne Borough are currently a division allow in the Advance League Premier and like Real Pacto have never played in the Football League. However, San Cristobal have won the Schalafanian top flight on 25 separate occassions as well as the SFA Cup on 7. Thus, making them the most successful club in the country.

The city also boasts teams in other sports such as baseball, hockey, basketball and speedway.