City of Munamanda
City & Unitary Authority
Mumamanda skyline

Motto: Potentia ad Populum


Munamanda within the state of Tutor

Location within Tutor and Schalafania
Sovereign state Schalafania
Region East
State Tutor
Ceremonial County Greater Munamanda
Admin HQ Los Relos Square, Munamanda City Centre
Founded 1629
City Status 1866
Current MP Michael Lansbury (P.E.P.)
• City & Unitary authority 644.3 sq mi (1688.7 km2)
Population (2011 est.)
• City & Unitary authority 8,125,169 (Ranked 1st)
• Urban 13,118,691
• Metro 18,961,369
Time zone UTC -2
•Summer UTC -1
Postcode MU
Nicknames The great city, The Schalafanian city, Little England
Distance to Munamanda 0.0 mi (0.0 km)
Demonym Munamandan

Munamanda (Mun-ah-man-dah) is the capital city of Schalafania, as well as the country's largest. The city lies on the River Manda. The city's population is estimated at over eight million people with its metropolitan area being ranked as the eighteenth largest in the world.


Munamanda was first settled by invading English explorers in 1629 and quickly became the largest settlement in early colonised Schalafania. The old town served as the initial base camp of the English forces once the War of the East had begun against Spain and the native Gregorians. Munamanda was named the capital city in 1633, just one year after it had been granted city status (the second Schalafanian settlement to do so) taking the right from Uttingham-based Gregoria.

The name Munamanda derived from the river that flows through the city; The River Manda and the time of the English landing, during a full moon.

Today, Mumananda remains the largest city and the capital of Schalafania with it's ceremonial county, Greater Munamanda home of 13 million people. The city's metropolitan area is so large that it spreads among three other counties other than it's own in Cangreshire, Capileira and the Forest District.


The city is located in the East of Schalafania and is located just 26 miles north of the country's second city, San Cristobal. The city is part of the ceremonial county of Greater Munamanda which makes up a part of the state of Tutor. The city of Munamanda is located 45 miles away from the east coast.

The city has several administrative regions including; Armno, Dreilingham, Fowlo, Little England, Los Relos, Mandaside and the city centre itself.

The climate of Munamanda is very consistent with typically mild winters and hot summers.


The current population of Munamanda is estimated at 8,125,169 making it the largest in Schalafania. The city's population is 68% white, 10% black, 13% hispanic, 7% asian and 1% of other ancestry.

Christianity is the most common religion at 43.2% with Atheism second with 27.1%

English, Schalafanian and Spanish are the most commonly spoken languages in the city with over a million speakers each.

Population changeEdit

Population growth in Munamanda since 1901
Year 1901 1921 1931 1951 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
Population 316,161 496,166 904,167 2,000,191 4,161,204 5,990,166 7,003,874 7,688,152 8,125,169


Munamanda is home to three professional and semi-professional football clubs; Los Relos, Munamanda City and Munamanda United. The last of the three has won the Schalafanian top-flight on eighteen ocassions. Cross-city rivals, Munamanda City have also enjoyed moderate success with one top-flight title. Los Relos have also enjoyed six seasons as members of the Football League. Munamanda is also the host city of Schalafania's national team.

The city also boasts teams in other sports such as baseball, hockey, rugby union, basketball and speedway.