City of Houghton
City & Unitary Authority
Houghton skyline
Motto: Semper Eadem
Location within Terra and Schalafania
Sovereign state Schalafania
Region Midlands
State Terra
Ceremonial County Houghtonshire
Admin HQ Palatine Place, Houghton
Founded 1858
City Status 1942
Current MP Maxwell Coffin
• City & Unitary authority 27.5 sq mi (71.2 km2)
Population (2011 est.)
• City & Unitary authority 301,861 (Ranked 27th)
• Urban 555,152
• Metro 890,691
Time zone UTC -3
•Summer UTC -2
Postcode HO
Nicknames The Wilderness city
Distance to Munamanda

226.2 mi (364.0km)

Demonym Houghtonian

Houghton (Hoh-tun) is a city and unitary authority located in the ceremonial county of Houghtonshire in the state of Terra. The city is the third most populous in the state behind Holsk and Iglester, with over 300,000 inhabitants.


Houghton, like neighbouring town Sauchieburn was originally designated as an overflow town to the north of the heavily-populated Holsk and Iglester. The city was key in the industrialisation of Schalafania, often credited with being the leading producer of wool.

The settlement was nicknamed the Wilderness City in the early 20th century due to the fact that the closest city to Houghton is over 70 miles away.


The city is located in the north of Terra in the Midlands region of Schalafania and is located 226 miles to the west of Munamanda. Houghton is 70 miles away from the next neighbouring cities, including; Holsk, Iglester and St. Michael.

The climate of Houghton varies significantly with moderately hot summers and cold winters.


The current population of Houghton is estimated at 301,861 making it the third largest city in Terra and the twenty-seventh largest in Schalafania. The city's population is 94% white, 2% black, 1% hispanic, 2% asian and 1% of other ancestry.

Christianity is the most common religion at 40.0% with Atheism second with 37.7%

English is the only language with more than 200,000 speakers within the city.

Population changeEdit

Population growth in Houghton since 1901
Year 1901 1921 1931 1951 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
Population 21,159 49,156 100,004 157,161 233,366 290,457 279,849 292,898 301,861


Houghton is home to Division Two football club, Houghton City. Houghton won the SFA Third Division in the 2011/12 season with a record 102 points. Houghton have had moderate success over the years with several stints in the top flight.

The city also boasts teams in other sports such as baseball, ice hockey, basketball and rugby union.