City of Brillo
City & Unitary Authority
Brillo skyline
Motto: Semper Eadem
Location within Pela Neve and Schalafania
Sovereign state Schalafania
Region West
State Pela Neve
Ceremonial County Greater Brillo
Admin HQ Shine Avenue, Brillo
Founded 1793
City Status 1893
Current MP Laura Cooper
• City & Unitary authority 85.0 sq mi (220.1 km2)
Population (2011 est.)
• City & Unitary authority 1,230,551 (Ranked 3rd)
• Urban 3,501,162
• Metro 5,150,362
Time zone UTC -3
•Summer UTC -2
Postcode BR
Nicknames The Industrial city, Snowbound city, Little America
Distance to Munamanda 394.0 mi (634.1 km)
Demonym Brilloan

Brillo (Brih-lo) is the capital city and unitary authority of the state of Pela Neve. The city is the third most populous in the country of Schalafania and one of only five cities with a population of over one million inhabitants. The city is located in the west of the country just 30 miles from the coast.


Brillo was first settled in the late 18th century by American explorers from the west. Like many of the early towns in Schalfania, it served as base for the American forces during the War of the West against both France and the advancing Spanish army.

The settlement was named 'Brillo', a Spanish word for 'shine' in order to trick the Spanish in to believing it was one of their bases so the Americans could ambush them as they did in 1794.


The city is located in the West of Schalafania and is located 394 miles to the west of Munamanda. However, Brillo is under 30 miles from the three other major Pela Neven cities; Laxton, Portland and Stilwater.

Brillo has three primary administrative regions; Gagborough, Whitdale and the city centre itself.

The climate of Brillo varies significantly with moderately hot summers and cold winters.


The current population of Brillo is estimated at 1,230,551 making it the largest city in Pela Neve and the third-largest in Schalafania. The city's population is 90% white, 2% black, 2% hispanic, 5% asian and 1% of other ancestry.

Christianity is the most common religion at 55.0% with Atheism second with 22.6%

English is the only language with more than 500,000 speakers within the city.

Population changeEdit

Population growth in San Cristobal since 1901
Year 1901 1921 1931 1951 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
Population 150,197 170,156 201,451 400,808 565,251 703,316 880,162 899,162 1,230,551


Brillo is home to Premier League football club, Brillo City. City finished seventh in last season's Premier League but have a rich history in Schalafanian football, winning both the league and SFA Cup on multiple occassions. Brillo City retain fierce rivalries with neighbours, Laxton and Stilwater City.

The city also boasts teams in other sports such as baseball, ice hockey, basketball, rugby union and speedway.

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