State of Allau
Flag of Allau


Demonym Allauen
Capital &

Largest City

St. Michael
Region West Midlands
Area Ranked ?st

in Schalafania

- Total sq mi
Population Ranked 6th
in Schalafania
- Total 17,118,011

(2010 est.)

- Density /sq mi (/km2)
Figure of State TBA
Time zone GMT -2.5
Abbreviations AL

Allau is a state in the west of the Midlands region of Schalafania.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Allau is located in the West Midlands, the climate is very mild, the state usually experiences warm Summers but bitter Winters with temperatures often falling bellow freezing.


Allau is almost completely void of history, the state was held as a part of Pela Neve by the British before being relinquished, the reasons for this remain largely unknown.


Unlike the southern and eastern states Allau's population remains largely white with just under 85% being of British descent.

Demographics of Allau
Race Population Percentage
White 15,252,148 89.1%
Black 1,112,671 6.5%
Asian 222,534 1.3%
Hispanic 205,416 1.2%
Dual Heritage 308,124 1.8%
Other 17,118 0.1%
TOTAL 17,118,011 100.0%
All information is correct as of the 2008

Most Populous SettlementsEdit

Rank County Population Rank County Population
1 St. Michael 1,736,834 5 Corguni 368,248
2 Kelley 654,315 6 Apalo 314,242
3 Lasby 532,158 7 Walton 234,970
4 Wu Tang 432,509 8 Pilon 224,237


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The Assembly representativesEdit

In Allau, only one politician, the figure of state is represented in The Assembly. Schalafania's equivalent of a 'G8 Summit'. The Assembly was established in 2009, meaning all members are inagural, the original parliamentary system is now defunct.

Name Party From To

BLP Court representativesEdit

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