State of Aislam
Flag of Aislam


Demonym Aislamian
Capital &

Largest City

Las Angeles
Region South East
Area Ranked ?st

in Schalafania

- Total sq mi
Population Ranked 2nd
in Schalafania
- Total 25,205,673

(2010 est.)

- Density /sq mi (/km2)
Figure of State TBA
Time zone GMT -1.5
Abbreviations AI

Aislam is a state in the Southern-Eastern region of Schalafania.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Aislam is located in the south of Schalafania, this leads to high average temperatures all year round particularly in August. The temperature rarely varies throughout the year. Aislam has a vast array of landscape it is home of the highest settlement in the country, High Peak.


Aislam was the first state to be captured by the Spanish it was held under their rule for over 50 years before Turkish invaders assumed control. The army of Suzak were eventually defeated. Aislam is the only state that was not successfully captured by the British.


Aislam like the most of Schalafania is a multicutural society. Aislam is notable for a high percentage of Hispanic and Muslim ancestry.

Demographics of Aislam
Race Population Percentage
White 15,879,574 63.0%
Black 2,419,745 9.6%
Asian 2,117,277 8.4%
Hispanic 2,596,184 10.3%
Dual Heritage 2,142,482 8.5%
Other 50,411 0.2%
TOTAL 25,205,673 100.0%
All information is correct as of the 2008

Most Populous SettlementsEdit

Rank County Population Rank County Population
1 Las Angeles 2,340,782 5 Ure 618,434
2 Willick 1,117,459 6 Cosmow 304,463
3 Buscar 776,113 7 Manna 264,328
4 New Leicester 650,264 8 Padilla 199,911


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The Assembly representativesEdit

In Aislam, two politicians, the figure of state is represented in The Assembly. Schalafania's equivalent of a 'G8 Summit'. The Assembly was established in 2009, meaning all members are inagural, the original parliamentary system is now defunct.

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BLP Court representativesEdit

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